10 Proven Ways to Drive Quality Website Traffic That Converts

Have you spent loads of money to make your web pages brand new but still get only a few clicks? It’s one thing to create an online presence and something entirely different to dominate the digital world. You’ll need to put some effort if you want to gain website traffic and convert it into potential customers.

But that can be tricky. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur juggling multiple things at once.

Worry not, Your WP Guy has your back.

Here’s our quick insight into web traffic generation.

10 Proven Ways to Drive Quality Website Traffic That Converts - your wp guy - Gold Bars Stacked, they are pretty - Increased website traffic means more customers for your business. Here are tried-and-tested ways to help drive traffic to your website and boost leads.

Explore Search Engine Optimization

If you aren’t already using SEO, you may be sleeping on a gold mine. El Dorado? Not not the city of gold exactly, but very close.

Search engine optimization is among the best strategies to increase website ranking on popular search engines and broaden your brand’s customer reach. While there are multiple techniques to employ, common ones include regular content posting, using targeted keywords, link building and focusing on user experience.

Remember that SEO strategies evolve as technology changes. Therefore, you might want to keep up with SEO trends like voice search optimization and artificial intelligence-powered software. Integrating the old and the new SEO techniques will likely impress internet users and Google.

Loading Speeds and Website Traffic

10 Proven Ways to Drive Quality Website Traffic That Converts - your wp guy - tunnel that has blue light streaks - Increased website traffic means more customers for your business. Here are tried-and-tested ways to help drive traffic to your website and boost leads.

Fast-loading web pages are paramount to attracting website traffic. They impress on first use by presenting content within seconds, meaning internet users can gain and maintain interest in what you’re selling. Especially when in 2022, we all have the attention span of a horsefly.

One way to speed up your website page is through caching.

A web cache gives your website the capability to create and store data files and present them during future requests for the same, rather than re-downloading it fresh from the server. That means a repeat visitor or someone with a previously requested question will have a fast browsing experience. Ooooh weeee!


Repurpose Your Content

Creating original content can sometimes be taxing, not to mention time-consuming. But did you know that you can repurpose old content and not compromise your website traffic? Even repeat visitors will feel like they’re seeing something original and unique. Not to mention sustainable!

A common way to repurpose content is changing blogs into e-books, podcasts, info-graphics, and videos. You can now post the content on other online platforms like social media outlets to generate new views, comments, clicks and shares. That’ll ultimately help draw internet users to your website, boosting your website traffic and eventually increasing customer conversions.

Have an Active YouTube Channel

10 Proven Ways to Drive Quality Website Traffic That Converts - your wp guy - woman kissing hands in front of a laptop, wearing a yellow sweater - Increased website traffic means more customers for your business. Here are tried-and-tested ways to help drive traffic to your website and boost leads.

YouTube is a popular social media platform with billions of active users. It attracts many due to entertainment content, but some people end up here to check out their favorite brands. All you should do is create a YouTube channel for your business and upload how-to videos, especially if you’re selling items that require demonstration.

When someone checks your videos and likes what they see, they might naturally decide to visit your web page for more and even become loyal customers. You could also embed YouTube videos on your website to engage current web visitors. Your web pages and YouTube platform can complement each other to generate the website traffic you need.

Then you too can be the next…er Hank the Science Guy? Jenna Marbles? Wait, is everyone a YouTube star now?!

Consider Using Back-links

You know the phrase scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours? Your company can reach out to other companies in a similar fashion to link back to your pages and enhance website traffic. In return, you could do the same for them and have a mutually benefiting relationship. That’s the beauty of inbound links.

Inbound links or back-links are great for SEO, catapulting your web pages to the top of SERPs and increasing website traffic and customer conversions. These links can see you make a killing on sales if you find the right partner websites.

Guest Posting Can Help

Remember inbound links? Writing guest posts for other websites can help generate back-links to your website, boost referral traffic and enhance SERP ranking. However, it’s wise to take the time to find the perfect companies for your guest blogs.

Begin by thoroughly researching websites within your line of business. Next, vet the content on the guest website and ensure that it’s at par with your quality standards. Don’t forget to check their domain authority and go through their guest post requirements and guidelines.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

In today’s digital world, everyone seems to be on their phone. About 90% of internet users use mobile devices as smartphones and tablets stand supreme against desktop surfing. You ought to improve the performance of your website on mobile to attract this traffic.

Mobile users are notorious for having a short attention span.

So if they don’t like your website’s experience instantly, they'll make like Snoop Dog and drop you like it's hot.

You might want to focus on a responsive design, user-friendliness and quick loading times on multiple devices. Optimizing web performance on mobile translates to increased web traffic.

Take Steps to Reduce the Bounce Rate

When people click on your website, the ideal scenario is to have them stay for longer and possibly turn into prospects or paying customers. However, sometimes the opposite may happen, and the traffic leaves without taking any action — that’s the bounce rate.

Paying attention to the bounce rate and ensuring it’s as low as possible can help you maintain website traffic. One trick we recommend is using catchy words and phrases within your content and headlines to glue web visitors to your page. It’s also wise to create easily consumable content, like using short paragraphs for easy readability on desktop or mobile.

Incorporate Internal Links in Website Content

Internal links back-link to content on your web pages. They help connect page readers to specific items of interest easily. All while using back and forth pathways. If you have quality and engaging content, internal linking is an ideal strategy for converting satisfied website visitors into repeat consumers.

The internal linking strategy is also perfect for SEO as it can help boost your site’s credibility on popular search engines. Remember that SEO is crucial to expand your website traffic base and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Why Is Website Traffic Important to Your Small Business?

Small businesses often struggle to get noticed by potential customers - but with effective website traffic techniques, you can make sure that your content is reaching the right people and getting more attention. It's like having a whole marketing department helping you promote your business - when used strategically, website traffic can help you maximize your web presence and reach new customers.

Small businesses may not have enough resources to hire professionals to advertise their websites - but by using these tips to boost website traffic, you don't need to pay extra money on an external agency or any additional services. Plus, website traffic can help boost organic rankings and better target potential customers based on their interests and preferences.

List Your Website on Local Online Directories

People often want the easy way out. It’s no wonder internet users tend to search for business services in online directories before embarking on a comprehensive search. You can generate new leads and capture this traffic flow by registering your business in local online directories. However, you’ll need to use reputable sites specific to your market niche.

Do you need help with website traffic? Your WP Guy can help with these and more marketing strategies as we have various tools in our arsenal, including online directory listings. Schedule an appointment today for further details.

10 Proven Ways to Drive Quality Website Traffic That Converts Summary

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great strategy to increase website ranking on popular search engines, with techniques including regular content posting, use of targeted keywords and link building.

• Improve loading speeds through caching and optimize for mobile to attract more website traffic.

• Repurpose old content, have an active YouTube channel, take advantage of back-links and guest posting for increased web traffic.

• Reduce bounce rate through catchy words and phrases in content/headlines and create easily consumable content; use internal links to convert satisfied visitors into repeat customers.

• List website on local online directories to capture new leads.

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