What Is Retargeting and Why Is It Important?

Okay, so little known fact. Retargeted customers are three times more likely to click on an ad than those who have never interacted with your business before.

Sounds great, right? But we bet you’re wondering: What is retargeting, and why is it so effective?

Retargeting can help drive more traffic and sales to your site, allowing you to spread awareness about your business effectively.

So if reaching new customers and growing your WordPress website is a problem you currently face, you should consider retargeting.

Sit tight as we explain how it works, how it interacts with your WordPress website, and why it's such an important part of any modern marketing strategy,

What Is Retargeting?

Ad retargeting is a powerful marketing tactic that allows businesses to capture potential leads and increase conversions.

By leveraging ad retargeting technology, you can show customers ads for your products or services after they visit the site. It doesn't matter whether they made a purchase. All that matters is that they saw your original ad.

This is similar to how Amazon will show you related products after you've looked at a product page. Or how YouTube might suggest videos related to one that you recently watched. In this context, you can view retargeting as “reminder ads."

They're based on recent searches or purchases. This means they’re tailored specifically to the customer and are more likely to lead to action - meaning conversions!

The Importance of Retargeting

If the above mentioned definition sounds "just okay" but not exciting as a marketer, then you're missing out!

What's the big deal? Retargeting allows you to move potential customers into forever customers.

As part of a marketing strategy, you can use them to recognize users who have visited your website and serve them relevant advertisements. These ads are widely effective because they typically draw web visitors to take the action. Action meaning, spending their money!

Aside from sales, this can also include downloading a free guide or giving their email in exchange for a discount. All action that drives your brand success forward.

As retargeting ad technology has become more advanced, the ability to customize retargeting ads has increased drastically.

Great news for you! It allows you to reach customers across all stages of the buyer's journey.

For example, Facebook allows you to create your campaign based on one of the three phases of the marketing journey.

Overall, retargeting ad campaigns are cost-effective and efficient, making them a must for any marketing strategy.

Examples of Retargeting Campaigns

What does a retargeting campaign look like in real life?

Let's still use Facebook as an example. A coffee shop decides to put a Facebook ad targeted at people within a five-mile radius of their location.

They can apply retargeting to build awareness and drive customers through their doors.

This type of Facebook retargeting campaign takes advantage of Facebook's tracking capabilities. This way, the cafe can create an ad that entices local customers who may have visited the website previously (or looked at other items they offer) to come in and spend.

Thanks for that reminder retargeting!

In this example, ad retargeting helps maximize exposure, create relationships, and convert browsers into buyers.

However, you don't have to use Facebook to enjoy the benefits of retargeting.

If your website receives over 100 visitors monthly, you can use Google Ads, too. This is a great option if you want to target people who visited your WordPress website once to check out a service but didn't convert the first time. We love options!

When to Use Retargeting

Do the examples above sound exciting to you? If so, are you ready to create a retargeting campaign?

Great! Before you do, there are just a few more things you need to know. For example, there are certain situations where it's more beneficial to use retargeting campaigns as part of mobile marketing.

Brand Awareness

Another thing people tend to forget is that the average person must see an ad seven times before interacting with it.

Wow, it really takes that long? Don’t let your heart sink just yet!

Just because someone doesn't interact with your ad doesn't mean they aren't getting to know and remember your brand. This is why you weaponize them for an effective brand awareness.

They ensure that potential customers see relevant ads no matter where they browse.

You can also personalize these campaigns depending on previous searches and behavior. This allows you to cater specifically to an individual’s needs or presence in their digital life.

This type of targeting creates an interactive conversation with possible future customers, building lasting relationships, and ultimately creating trust and loyalty.

All of this organically reinforces your company’s visibility and mission.

New Collections

You can use a retargeting campaign to introduce new collections if you sell products online.

You can customize your retargeting campaign to fit the type of collection. This includes customizing ad copy to target certain behaviors. It also might include introducing the new collection to those who purchased items from a similar collection.

For those with WordPress websites, retargeting makes creating a marketing plan much easier.

Introducing new collections will no longer feel like starting from scratch every time. Hooray for an easy button!

You can always rely on your website and add data to help you increase your marketing efforts.

High-Ticket Items

Okay, so let's reinforce what we already know. Yes, it takes the average person seeing an ad seven times before interacting. However this is especially true for higher ticket items.

Imagine seeing a highly targeted ad for a $2,000 camera. You're a professional photographer and love this camera. Because it's so expensive, you need time to think and consider the value against the high price. Right?

In this scenario, retargeting campaigns are still the go to. As a business owner, you can remind highly targeted customers that your product or service is still available. You can present them with a new value or benefit each time you show them the ad.

This gives them time to consider the costly purchase while giving them more incentive to convert. Everyone has money to spend how they see fit. They just want a really good reason for spending it! So validate their purchase.

Tips for Retargeting Campaigns

"What is retargeting" is a great question to start with. However, learning how to utilize retargeting campaigns best is even more helpful. Regardless of whether you're engaging in app retargeting or website retargeting, some tips can help.

When enticing people to return to your website, start with a small budget and then increase it based on how well it works. Ensure that the information on your website is interesting so people will want to stay. Try different ways of getting people's attention, like using different pictures or advertising copy.

Our top tip for keeping campaigns tip top? Always have a plan for what you want people to do on your website. This way, you can see if it works and make changes.

Why Is Retargeting Important to Your Small Business?

By using retargeting, small business owners can ensure that visitors to your website understand the value of what you have to offer - resulting in a higher conversion rate and more successful campaigns.

For example, if you are running a sale on specific products or services, you can use retargeting to show ads for those items specifically to people who have already been on your site. This helps remind potential customers of the offer and encourages them to take advantage of it. You can also use retargeting to promote new products and services that might interest customers based on their browsing history.

Retargeting also allows you to tailor your ads to different types of users – such as targeting people from specific areas with location-based ads, or creating personalized messages for returning customers. This type of precision advertising ensures maximum relevance and helps draw attention from the right people at the right time!

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What Is Retargeting and Why Is It Important? Summary

• Retargeting allows businesses to capture potential leads and increase conversions by serving customers ads for products/services after they visit the site.

• It is cost-effective, efficient and can be used across all stages of the buyer's journey.

• Brand awareness, introducing new collections and high-ticket items are great uses for retargeting campaigns.

• When setting up a retargeting campaign, use a small budget, interesting content and have a plan for what you want people to do on your website.

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