What Are Ways I Can Repurpose Old Content on My Website?

Do you have high-quality content on your website but want to redo it? Repurposing old content is more common than you think. 94% of digital marketing professionals repurpose their blog content.

There are many reasons why you may want to consider repurposing your content. You spend less on content writing, improve your digital marketing strategy, and your existing blogs gain more SEO traction.

If this is your first time repurposing content, you may be unsure how to approach this strategy. At the same time, copying and pasting an existing blog into different formats and mediums won't satisfy Google. Fortunately, there are different ways to repurpose content. Here are some of the most effective methods.

Social Media Posts and Threads

Many companies repurpose their blog content on social media. These posts entice followers, save money on social media marketing costs, and are an effective way to increase social engagement.

However, you shouldn't simply copy and paste parts of the blog and post them. Tailor your existing content to fit each social platform, saving money on content creation for social media.

Let's say you're repurposing a blog for Twitter. Take the headers and rewrite a couple of points in the text to fit Twitter's audience, and create a thread. You can do the same for Instagram. Take a company or stock image, include the most vital point in the content, and post it on Instagram.

Revise Research Reports

Have you conducted an analysis or report in previous years? Go back into the report and research some of the points you made before, but to your current audience or sales figures.

For example, let's say you make skincare products and conducted a trial survey on a moisturizer. A certain percentage of the subjects said the moisturizer hydrated their skin and decreased the look of common aging symptoms. Re-conduct that survey with new participants to see if the results of the product are still effective.

You can re-emphasize the product's benefits in a revised whitepaper. You can also repurpose the original content on your blog and social media channels.


Repurposing written blogs into infographics is one of the most common examples of repurposing blog content. Infographics are easy to digest and fun to consume. They also enhance audience engagement; a customer is 30 times more likely to read an infographic than a text article.

Plus, it's easy to repurpose blog content into an infographic. Take the headlines and add one-to-two sentences of the content. Finish the infographic with a fun design that corresponds with your brand or message.

You can also repurpose your infographic in different ways. Infographics are perfect for posting on social media and on other websites, such as Pinterest.

Social Media Video

Do you want to repurpose a blog or article for a video-based social media platform like TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram? You can create a video with your blog content. Fortunately, you don't need a video crew to achieve this. Create attractive templates with text highlighting the most important messages from your blog. Put those text templates as a slideshow with background music.

YouTube Video

TikTok and Instagram have video limitations, but YouTube is much more flexible. You can convert your blog into a longer video. Examples of videos you can create include tutorials, unboxing, how-tos, and more. This way, your audience can discover more about your product and services while getting great information.

The other nice aspect of YouTube is you can embed the link nearly everywhere. You can add the video to your website; since Google owns YouTube, these videos will put you higher on SERP results. You can also add YouTube videos to your social media channels and email newsletters.

Audio Content

Did you know there are over 383 million monthly podcast listeners? That's why you will benefit from hosting a business podcast.

Repurposing old content is a great way to keep your website fresh with little effort. Find out how you can repurpose content for your website using this guide. - Man and woman sitting at a desk in what appears to be a podcast interview. - What Are Ways I Can Repurpose Old Content on My Website? - your wp guy

If you can't think of any podcast topics, you can repurpose one of your blogs. Have your hosts highlight the most essential parts of the blog and talk more about them, offering a more personalized view of topics in your industry.

You can post your podcast on YouTube and all major streaming platforms, and you can add the podcast to your website. That way, you get more traffic to your website.

Interview or Panel

Do you want to take the podcast idea a step further? Contact a close colleague in your industry or round up several colleagues and host an interview or a panel. Have your host ask them questions about your blog topic and get other expert ideas. Not only do you repurpose content, but you may explore some key points not mentioned in your article.

Email Newsletter

Do you have email subscribers? You can repurpose blog content into your newsletter. But don't copy and paste the content into your email add more tips and how-tos to give your readers a reason to subscribe. This is even more vital if you have a paid subscription. This extra content is a great way to promote your email newsletter.


Do you want to repurpose multiple blogs? You can compile all of your most vital content and add them to an ebook. Since ebooks go more in-depth than the average blog, add more content to your ebook so you can better market it to your audience. You can also combine other forms of content, such as your newsletters, interviews, panels, podcasts, and videos, into your ebook.

Ebooks are a great way to boost extra revenue, though you will also have to pay for the editing, formatting, and cover design. You can set your ebook to free to get extra traffic to your website.

Why Is Repurposing Old Content Important to Your Small Business?

Repurposing old content is key for small business owners looking to maximize their reach and appeal. Instead of creating new content from scratch every single time, repurposed content lets you rework older pieces into something new to suit the needs of your target audience. Even better, this process can save you time and money!

By repurposing existing content, you can also get more bang for your buck – one piece of content can be transformed into a variety of different mediums, such as an article, podcast, video or social media post. This means there’s a greater chance that your message will reach the right audience because it’s being distributed across multiple channels.

How Will You Repurpose Content?

Instead of redoing and rewriting content across all channels, you can repurpose content to save money and keep your audience engaged.

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What Are Ways I Can Repurpose Old Content on My Website? Summary

• Repurposing content is a common digital marketing strategy that saves money on content creation and boosts SEO.

• Social media posts, threads, research reports, infographics, videos, podcast, and ebooks are effective ways to repurpose blog content.

• Tailor existing content to fit each social platform and add extra tips and how-tos to the newsletter.

• Compile blogs into an ebook for additional revenue.

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