How to Use YouTube Marketing to Send Traffic to Your Website

More people trying to drive traffic to their websites are using YouTube marketing. So hop in, and let's explore all the possibilities this could bring to your business!

YouTube is free, open to all, and the second most visited website. It's the perfect platform to grow awareness and build a larger user base for your site.

Knowing how to best use YouTube to grow your website can be tricky. Anyone can start, but mastering the technique requires hard work, research, and patience. However, the reward at the end is a massive influx of regular users.

Loving the way this sounds so far? Read on for a guide on using YouTube marketing to send traffic to your website.

Set Up Your Account and Optimize It

The first thing you need to do is set up your YouTube account.

Next, create a channel name that represents your business. Usually, you want your channel name to be the same as your business, but long names can be bad.

It's essential to build links back to your site. This is part of any marketing strategy you do. You want to get clicks and drive traffic.

That means making your YouTube account SEO friendly. We say the friendlier the better!

Short, one or three-word channel names are the ideal way to attract the favor of the algorithm gods. It can also help to make your name descriptive.

If your channel offers repair advice while also being a wing of your home repair company, your name should reflect that. Something like "Company Name Repairs" is short, sweet, and to the point.

Do Some Market Research on YouTube

It's crucial to have a YouTube marketing plan. Videos are a great way to link back to your website, so take advantage. Plenty of people prefer audio-visual content over text.

You need to do some market research on YouTube to get your channel to take off and solidify the link to your website. First, take a look at who your competition might be. See what kind of keywords they use and how they format their videos.

Pay attention to link placement, video length, and how easy they are to find with a quick search. A good piece of advice is to use the search bar to help you.

Figure out a primary keyword or 2-word phrase that encapsulates your website and what it's about. Examples might include Repairs, Home Improvement, Pet Rescue, Web Hosting, Game Design, etc.

YouTube marketing is one of the best ways to send traffic to your website. This is how to grow your website through the use of YouTube. - Woman sitting in a basement looking at her laptop, or maybe it is one of those trendy coffee houses. - How to Use YouTube Marketing to Send Traffic to Your Website - your wp guy

Your keywords will be unique to what you do. Once you've figured them out, type them into the YouTube search bar. Then, take a look at what the auto-complete recommends.

This will be the key to achieving search result success. Make a detailed list of every suggestion. Those are the keywords that are most often searched for alongside your primary ones.

Once you have your list, you can incorporate them everywhere on your channel. Slip them into your video titles, description boxes, tags, and about page. This will give you a massive boost since those keywords are what everyone looking for your type of content is already searching for.

Finding the Best Way to Use Links

When it comes to YouTube marketing tips, this is a pretty big one. We talked about having the right blend of keywords in the right areas. This is a crucial part of standard SEO.

However, the above section is mainly geared toward helping you grow your channel. You still need to link your videos and channel back to your site.

You must find ways to slip relevant URL links into your channel and content. This is one of the easiest ways to drive visitors to your site. Help them avoid having to look up or search for your website themselves.

Use the Description Box and Your About Page

You can't slip your link into the title. It looks tacky and won't help you attract visitors.

Place links in your video description instead. You can have the main website link and specific pages related to the video.

If you have blog posts about something featured in the video, it would be a good idea to link it in the description. Many websites build video and text content to complement each other. Think about a cooking channel providing a link to the recipe posted on their blog.

Other places to slip your links in include the about page. Your about page is also a good place to write a friendly description about who you are and what you do. You can even have a call to action to check out the website or your other social media links there.

Channel Art and Pined Comments

Two additional places for links that often go unnoticed are channel art and pinned comments. At the top of your main channel page, you have the ability to have a channel banner. You can design it as cool or artistic as you like and include your site name or logo.

You can also have links to your website and all your social media accounts along the bottom of the art. Users can click them and go straight to your website without any hassle. Finally - something that is easy for a change!

YouTube marketing is one of the best ways to send traffic to your website. This is how to grow your website through the use of YouTube. - two thumbtacks that are red, one is laying down seductively the other peering over the first. Maybe they are lovers? - How to Use YouTube Marketing to Send Traffic to Your Website - your wp guy

You can also use pinned comments to share links to your website. Pinned comments can also be a great way to interact with your viewers. When you pin a comment, it will always stay at the top of the comments section, giving you free exposure.

End Every Video With a Friendly Call to Action

This might be one of the most important YouTube marketing strategy tips. If you want to drive traffic, you need to end every video with a friendly call to action.

Tell your viewers to have a wonderful day and to remember to hit the subscribe button or check out your website. Let them know it means a lot to you that you can provide such important content for them. In this way, you build a relationship and remind them to take the extra step of checking out your site.

Why Is YouTube Marketing Important to Your Small Business?

YouTube Marketing is the perfect opportunity for small business owners to increase their customer base, raise brand awareness and improve engagement. It is a great platform to connect with potential customers in an entertaining and creative way, helping you stand out from the competition.

YouTube also offers unique opportunities for businesses to measure success and track performance. With included tools tracking detailed analytics, you can quickly identify areas of improvement, adapting your content to cater to the needs of your target demographic.

The world is watching – don’t miss out on the chance to make a big impact with YouTube marketing. Give your small business the visibility it deserves - it could just be the push you need to get ahead!

The Guide to YouTube Marketing

When it comes to YouTube marketing, learning the optimal strategies isn't that hard. All you need is a little help. When it comes to helping grow and optimize your website, it also helps to have pros you can trust.

Why not give Your WP Guy a try? We have almost two decades of experience and can help catapult your site to new heights. If you want to learn more, contact us today!

How to Use YouTube Marketing to Send Traffic to Your Website Summary

• Utilize YouTube as a platform to gain awareness and attract more users to your site.

• Set up an account with a short, descriptive channel name.

• Incorporate keywords into titles, descriptions, tags, and about page.

• Include relevant URLs in the description box and about page.

• Leverage channel art and pinned comments for additional links back to your website.

• Close each video with a friendly call-to-action.

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