Do I get the copyright of the design?

As a client hiring a designer to create a design for you, the default ownership of the copyright typically remains with the designer, unless there is a specific agreement stating otherwise. In most cases, the creator of an original work, such as a design, automatically holds the copyright to that work from the moment of its creation.

However, copyright ownership can be transferred or assigned through a written agreement between the designer and the client. This agreement is usually outlined in a contract or a licensing agreement that specifies the terms of the project, including the scope of work, usage rights, and copyright ownership.

If you want to obtain the copyright to the design created by the designer, it is essential to discuss this matter and clarify ownership rights before starting the project. You can negotiate with the designer to include a clause in the contract that transfers the copyright to you upon completion of the project.

Alternatively, the designer may grant you a license to use the design for specific purposes while retaining the copyright themselves. This type of licensing agreement allows you to use the design as intended, while the designer retains the rights to showcase the work in their portfolio or use it for self-promotion.

To ensure that the copyright ownership is properly addressed and to avoid any potential issues, it’s recommended to have a written agreement that clearly outlines copyright ownership and usage rights. Consulting with a legal professional experienced in intellectual property and copyright law can help you draft a contract that meets your specific needs and protects your rights as the client.

Once we are finished with your website and the final payment has been made, the copyright of the website and all of its elements transfer to you, the client. 

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