What Is an Easy Way To Create a How-To Video?

Every company can benefit from making tutorial videos. A good quality how-to video informs your customer base and helps build a reputable brand. But do you know how to make an effective tutorial video? Well, we sure do!

Making how-to videos isn't as difficult as people think. Anyone with a smartphone can do it. The key is to have a plan, keep it simple, and focus on helping people.

Everything else is a bonus. Making a quality how-to video makes a huge difference. Read on for a guide on creating easy yet helpful video tutorial videos.

Choose the Right Topic

The first thing you have to do when making any video tutorial is to choose your topic. The institutional videos can be about anything you want, but they can't be too general. Instead, they should focus on specific topics or try to solve a specific issue. Especially if it's an issue your particular client set suffers from.

You don't want to include information that isn't necessary. Let's use the example of a how-to video for installing a new dishwasher. You want to focus on the proper hook-ups and stress the importance of making everything level.

You wouldn't start giving advice on general kitchen renovations. You also wouldn't combine the video into a general plumbing or water tutorial. Each video should stick to exactly what it should address.

Make sure the topic you choose is something you can fit into a how-to video. In addition, it should be something you can visualize or demonstrate to the audience. The more abstraction or imagination involved, the less valuable or impactful your video will be.

Know Your Audience

Before you make any tutorial video, you need to know your audience. This will help you gauge what level you should pitch your videos. Is the customer most likely to benefit from your advice a novice or a skilled veteran?

Answering that question will go a long way in helping you make the best how-to video you can. Of course, you don't want to confuse new people with terms or jargon they won't understand. But, at the same time, you don't want to bore knowledgeable viewers to tears.

Sometimes a customer needs a specific answer to their question, and they have the rest covered. Other times a customer has no idea where to start, so you need to hold their hand. It's a good idea to make both types of videos but to separate them.

Make sure people know which videos are newbie-friendly and which ones aren't. People often put terms like "101" or "the basics" to let people see the video is for less familiar people. They also use words like "intermediate" or "advanced" for the more skillful ones.

You can even connect your videos to your blog to let people sort through them on their own.

Keep it Simple

Over-complicating things is a fatal mistake when making a how-to video. You don't need fancy equipment to catch users' attention or make compelling videos.

All of that will come in time. Everyone starts somewhere and learns as they go. What every successful how-to video maker understands is the basics.

All you need is a camera. Your smartphone will do fine. Think about it: some of the most informative tutorials are 60-second posts on social media.

Tap into that and start small. Use your phone to edit, or find free editing software online. When making the video, don't worry about crazy transitions or cool graphics.

Don't worry about being super entertaining, funny, or flashy either. Instead, keep your early videos focused on straightforward tutorials. The only thing that matters is if people can learn from your videos.

As you get more experience, your videos will look more polished. However, be careful never to lose the soul of your videos: helping people.

Short and Sweet

Whatever you do, keep your how-to videos short and sweet. No one wants to sit through a 30-minute tutorial for a 60-second fix. This will annoy viewers and customers and be of no use to anyone.

The best-case scenario is that people will skim through your video, looking for the part they need. This would be a huge waste of all your effort and everyone's time. Figure out the simplest and easiest way to address the topic, then do it.

Creating a helpful video tutorial is one way to educate your customer base with your expert knowledge. Learn how to make a how-to video here. - a blonde haired lady standing next to a giant cupcake, or ice cream cone, I cant really tell. Behind her a doughnut lurks in the shadows, almost as tall as she is, hopefully it is friendly. Next to her she is towered over by lollipops, hopefully they havent taken her hostage because her hands are in a prayer sign. - What Is an Easy Way To Create a How-To Video? - your wp guy

Be informative and give advice, but don't drag things on if you don't need to. If you can explain everything and show what to do in less than 3 minutes, then do that. Your customers and viewers will thank you for it and get way more from your videos this way.

Ask Yourself: Is it Helpful?

While you are scripting or creating your how-to video, ask yourself this question. Is your video, in its current state, helpful? If it isn't the kind of video that someone in a pinch could benefit from, then maybe it isn't.

The same applies if your video looks too confusing or isn't informative enough. If a two-line Google result answers the question better than your video, then your video isn't that helpful.

The main goal of making how-to videos isn't entertainment or even to drive traffic. Those are bonuses that help you build your brand as a by-product. The main goal is to help people when they are in need.

Strive to make the best how-to videos, and your customers will trust you more. Putting out rushed or ill-thought-out fillers will have the opposite effect.

Why Are How-To Videos Important to Your Small Business?

Creating how-to videos is a great way to help small business owners reach their target audience and stand out from the competition. By creating engaging, easy-to-follow tutorials and demonstrations, you can give customers a better understanding of your services or products.

With the ability to illustrate instructions in a visual format, customers can quickly learn and better comprehend how to use your product or service. Plus, how-to videos can be shared on social media or embedded on webpages - further extending the reach of your brand.

How-to videos are an effective way for you to create an interactive learning experience for your customers; providing more intuitive solutions that drive greater engagement and customer satisfaction. 

Creating a How-to Video

Making a good how-to video is pretty easy. All you need is some patience, a bit of planning, and the desire to help. Any company can make simple and straight-to-the-point videos for their customers.

That said, having some website specialists in your corner doesn't hurt. Your WP Guy is your one-stop-shop for all things business website related. We can help you take your ideas, tutorials included, and push them to the next level - so don't hesitate to contact us today.

What Is an Easy Way To Create a How-To Video? Summary

• Making tutorial videos can help to inform customers and build a reputable brand.

• Choosing the right topic is key, as well as knowing your audience, focusing on keeping it simple, and making sure the video is short & sweet.

• It's best to have a plan, focus on helping people, make sure it's something you can visualize & demonstrate to the audience, use terms that match their level of knowledge, and always ask if the video is helpful.

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